Green Cleaning Palos Verdes

Doing It Green
Green Cleaning: Green Seal is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to safeguarding the environment by promoting the manufacturing, purchasing and use of environmentally responsible products & service. Green Seal certifies that a product or service has been tested according to science-based procedures.

Green Cleaning for the Southern California area

Why Should I Go Green?
PLANET: Green cleaning reduces environmental impacts of the cleaning process by using more environmentally friendly products.

Resources used to make Green products are harvested in a cleaner eco-friendlier way, scientifically designed and tested to reduce the adverse effects on the environment.

PEOPLE: Green cleaning contributes to safer and healthier work environments by using less toxic cleaning agents that may harm workers.


Toilet Paper: 2ply Murph 926
One Roll of Murph 926 Equals approximately 50 rolls of conventional toilet paper.

Paper Towels : Murph 791
One roll of Murph 791 equals approximately 20 rolls of Bounty brand paper towels

Antibacterial Hand Soap: Foam Soap 2000 ml each cartridge One cartridge is enough for approximately 4300 hand washes.

Trash Liners: Eco-friendly trash liners with an oxo-degradable additive, good for the environment and great for your budget!

FACT: Green toilet paper is easier on the pipes in your home or business, allowing for better flow and less potential for sewage blockage.

FACT: 600,000,000 trees are cut down annually to make toilet paper, paper towels and tissues. When using Certified Green Seal paper products, you are helping to save the environment

Green cleaning in the Palos Verdes area.